Our Mission

Catapult Consulting is here to make work work better. With over 15 years of experience working with wineries and small businesses, we have seen the things that get pushed to the back burner and fall through the cracks and we are here to help. Catapult was founded with a mission to solve problems and make everything about your business work smoother and smarter. We use a flywheel approach, putting energy and effort into the levers that propel your business forward and give you the most for the work you put in. We create engine builders for your business that will give you results immediately and for years to come. With our expansive array of services, think of us as a jack of all trades for small businesses and wineries. Above all, we are here to help.

Our People.

Director and founder KC Marold is a wine industry veteran who has worked in almost every facet of a small business. Her focus and specialty is hospitality and direct to consumer retail programs but with her additional, extensive experience in marketing, production, and national sales, she sees the big picture and understands how small businesses operate and how individual departments must work together to achieve common goals. She sees the things that others tend to miss and loves catching what falls through the cracks. She is passionate about the customer experience and creating practical solutions centered around the personal touch and uniqueness a small business offers and that Oregon wineries are renowned for. 

📷: Chelsey Nichol, Type A Press

photo of KC Marold by Chelsey Nichol

Setup a Complimentary Consultation

Let’s chat! Give us a little bit of information about the project or on-going needs of your business and we will reach out to discuss further. Here’s to making work work better.